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Show Dates

February 11- WCE Agoura HS ( HS Pom)
February 17-19 Jump Convention PHX (Elite/Optional)
March 3-5- Starpower Riverside (Elite/Comp)
March 27- Showstopper DLH (Elite/Comp)
April 15th- Cheer/Pom Location TBA
April 21-23- Celebrity San Diego (Elite/Comp)
May 5-7- KAR San Gabriel (Elite/Comp)
May 10th- Townsend Performance 6:00pm-7:00pm (Recital Classes)
May 20-21- Tribe 99 AZ (HS Optional)
May 20- Sharp Baldwin Park (Cheer/Pom)
June 3- Sharp Ontario (Cheer/Pom)
June 11-13-  Studio Pictures/Recital Rehearsal
June 17th- Recital, 12:30 show, 4:30 show
June 25-30- KAR Nationals (Elite/Comp)

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